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Cash Back

one of the many reasons to use our service



We Have  A Great Offer For You

when you buy a property on completion we will give you up to €500* cash back which we are sure  will come in handy and help to cover some of the costs you have in cured  like the cost of your flights and or hire car or accommodation or even your legal fees

And that’s not all

we also have two other great offers included
*FREE broadband internet for 12 months worth up to €240 courtesy of
*FREE sky tv package for 12 months worth up €120 courtesy of
subject to terms and conditions and for internet depends on area and coverage

*please note the amount is variable from  €200 to  €500 and depends on the value of the property and will be less on properties when  we have a collaboration with other agents
broadband internet subject to location and signal
sky tv offer excludes any equipment  (satellite dish and or digibox )