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Arboleas The Local Area

a sunny town thats a great place to live

Arboleas  a small town popular with expats 10k south of the larger market town Albox , and  its popular for many reasons , its a very dry area with lots of sun if fact we have great weather even when its raining in most other parts of Spain,  Almeria province is known as one of the driest areas in Spain
Arboleas is a good central  location for travel to explore other local areas like the coastal towns of Mojacar and Vera all of which  are with in easy reach with only a short drive of just over 30 mins and not to mention other areas of Spain like Granada approx 2 hours drive  to the  west and Benidorm approx 2.5 hour drive  to the north east so quite  ideally situated , its also not an expensive area to live the cost of living is lower than some other areas of spain , you only have to travel closer to the coast and visit a supermarket  to see an increase in prices , this is also reflected in the housing market with local property considerably less than other parts of spain , putting money aside its also a very nice place to live the locals are friendly and there is always lots to do
Arboleas one of the The sunniest towns in Europe with an average of over 320 days sunshine each year
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Driving Times From Arboleas To airports

  • Almeria 40 minuets
  • Murcia San Javier 1 hour 20 minuets
  • Alicante 1 hour 50 minuets

The village of Arboleas is situated on the riverbank in the Almanzora valley, one of many small settlements along the course of the river

Local Amenities

  • Doctors
  • Dentist
  • Chemist
  • Gym
  • Banks
  • Supermarkets
  • Tapas bars and restaurants
  • Schools
  • Bakery
  • Saturday Market

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